Hydro Electric Sources

Paducah Power System feels it is important to have a diverse power portfolio.  Most of PPS's energy needs come from the coal fired Prairie State Generating Plant.  When needed, our peaking power is generated by the gas fired peaking plant PPS built on Schneidman Road.  In the near future, we will also receive a small amount of hydro electric power generated at sites on dams along the Ohio and Cumberland Rivers.

The Smithland Dam project, currently under construction, is being developed by American Municipal Power which is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.  Together, Paducah Power and the municipal electric company for Princeton, Kentucky will receive eighteen megawatts of electricity from dams AMP is developing at Smithland, Cannelton, Meldahl, Pike Island, RC Byrd and Willow Island.  Another two and a half megawatts will come to Paducah Power via the Southeastern Power Administration from dams along the Cumberland River, primarily in Tennessee.

Hydro-electric power has the advantage of no fuel costs.  It is considered a renewable resource and should allow Paducah Power System to meet any future laws requiring utilities to have a certain amount of renewable power in their portfolios.