Includes current Power Cost Adjustment Charge which is adjusted annually.

Small Commercial (less than 15,000 KWH and 50 KW)
GSA 1 Customer charge $22.00
Energy charge per kwh + power cost adjustment (PCA)  .13214
 Mid-Size Commercial (less than 1000 KW)
GSA 2 Customer charge $115.00
Energy charge-First 15,000 KWH + PCA

Additional KWH + PCA

First 50 KW Demand

51-1,000 Demand





 Large Commercial (over 1,000 KW)
GSA 3 Customer charge $275.00
Energy charge-all KWH + PCA

0-1,000 KW Demand

1,001-5,000 KW Demand




 Industrial (over 1,000 KW with an industrial SIC code)
Customer charge $275.00
Energy charge-all KWH + PCA

All KW Demand



Net Metering

Paducah Power System has a net metering application and policy for customers choosing to connect to the PPS distribution system while generating their own power through renewable sources such as sun and wind.  In short, customers generating less energy than they use must pay PPS for any energy purchased from PPS.  Customers generating more than they use will receive a credit on their future bill(s) for the excess energy put into the Paducah Power distribution system. Those interested in net metering should contact our Engineering Department at 270-575-4000.

Net Metering Policy and Application:  net-metering-policy-and-application