Landlord Agreements

The Landlord Agreement Option is available to residential property owners who agree to have the electric service automatically placed in their name for billing when a tenant vacates a premise. The electric service is not disconnected and therefore, a trip is not made to reconnect service for the landlord.

Under the agreement, when a tenant puts in a request for service to be taken out of his or her name, Paducah Power will provide a final bill to the tenant and continue to provide service under the landlord’s name. This option is designed to benefit both the landlord and Paducah Power System.  The advantages are:

  • When a tenant moves out, clean-up work can begin immediately since the electric service remains connected. The landlord does not have to contact Paducah Power System. If the tenant has been disconnected for non-pay, the landlord must call to have service restored.  However, if no payment is received from the tenant for 7 days, the service will be reconnected in the Landlord’s name.
  • Instead of paying a connection of $35.00, the landlord will pay a reduced fee of $20.00.
  • Since the electric service remains on, the rental unit may be shown and also allows the new tenant time to apply for service. It is the landlord's responsibility to ensure that tenants apply for electric service when units are rented. 

To apply for this option, please visit our office at 1500 Broadway to speak with a Customer Service Representative who will assist in you in completing a Landlord Agreement form.

 Note:  A disconnect order does not constitute a request to delete a property from your Landlord Agreement.  Please contact our office and specifically request the property to be deleted from your Landlord Agreement.