Tree Trimming

To comply with the National Electric Safety Code, utilities must trim or remove trees growing near power lines that threaten to disrupt service.  Proper and regular tree trimming helps prevent the danger and inconvenience of outages.   This work is typically done on a three year cycle. 

Tree trimmers try to preserve as much of a tree’s beauty as possible while providing enough clearance between limbs and lines to assure safe and reliable electric service. Paducah Power System’s tree crews follow arboricultural standards when trimming. Crew members will only remove a tree on your property when it poses a significant hazard to the power lines. 

Never attempt to trim trees near power lines.  Only qualified line clearance workers are allowed to work within a minimum of 10 feet of high voltage lines.  Contact Paducah Power System at 270-575-4010 to report a tree growing into a power line. However, homeowners are responsible for keeping limbs off of the service lines that are on their property.  During normal working hours, Paducah Power System will disconnect the service at no charge for the customer’s safety.