Winter Preparedness

With unpredictable weather in the forecast, now is a good time to be prepared for weather related power outages. We recommend putting together a “Lights Out Box” that contains a variety of items that can help you during power outages.

Suggested items include:

Flashlights for multiple people       Omni Directional Lights       Glow Sticks      Non-Electric Can Opener

Solar Lights (garden type)         Hand and Foot Warmers        Portable Radio       Whistle for Signaling Help

Extra Batteries      First Aid Kit      Propane Burner/Propane     Charcoal and Fluid for Grill

Head Lamp      Matches      Lighter       Emergency Blanket      Car Phone Charging Cord

All Purpose Knife       Food That Can be Eaten Cold or With Minimal Heat     Playing cards







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• Disconnecting Service
• Payment Options
• Security Lights
• Landlords


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