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The energy charge on customers’ bills is the amount, according to our base rates, charged for the actual energy used by a customer, measured in kilowatt hours.
  • Energy Charge
    .14478 per kwh
    (.00747) per kwh
  • Total rate including PCA
    .13731 per kwh
About Our Rates

There is a power cost adjustment (PCA)charge on each bill.  The power cost adjustment is a variable energy rate that can fluctuate quarterly based on the cost of creating electricity and delivering it to PPS.  The PCA is used to prevent constant fluctuations in our base rates.

A customer charge appears on the bill each month.  The customer charge covers the cost of the minimum amount of equipment, infrastructure and manpower needed to deliver electricity to your home, regardless of how much electricity you use.  The current residential customer charge is $14.75 per month.

Net Metering

Paducah Power System has a net metering application and policy for customers choosing to connect to the PPS distribution system while generating their own power through renewable sources such as sun and wind.  Please click on the policy below for full details.  Those interested in net metering should contact our Engineering Department at 270-575-4000.

Net Metering Application and Policy: Net Metering Policy and Application

Apply For Service

To apply for service, click here to get started or call Customer Service at 270-575-4000 or visit our office at 1500 Broadway, Monday – Friday 7:00 am to 4:30 pm.

There is a connection fee of $35.00 for all new accounts.

The standard deposit for a new customer is two months of average billing with a minimum of $150. This deposit may be waived based on the credit score of an applicant as determined by the ONLINE Utility Exchange. For existing customers, the deposit amount will be determined by pay history. For previous customers with an unpaid balance, the deposit will be based on the bill amount at new location. If a deposit is required, it must be paid at the time of application by credit card, cash or check. Customers who sign up for our PayGo program do not have to pay a deposit.

PPS Rules and Regulations Link: Rules & Regulations

Payment Options

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Paducah Power System Address: 1500 Broadway St, Paducah, KY 42001

Effective January 1, 2023, only a person’s primary residence will be exempt from sales tax on electric bills because of changes by the General Assembly.

If you have only one electric meter with Paducah Power System, and that account is your primary residence, you do not need to take any action. You will automatically receive an exemption from sales tax on your electric bill, and there will be no changes to your billing.

If you have multiple meters in your name you should click the link below to submit a form to PPS to seek an exemption for your primary residence.  If you have questions about this, please contact our Customer Service Department at 270-575-4000.

Click here to complete the declaration form.