Call Before You Dig


Contact Kentucky 811 at least two full business days in advance but no more than 10 business days before you dig. You may submit the information by:


The national Call Before You Dig number that is used to request an underground locate before digging is 811. The call needs to be made at least two days prior to digging. Operators will ask the location of your digging job and notify the member utilities in your area. (Please note that the Joint Sewer Agency is not a member and will need to be requested separately.) The member utilities will mark their underground lines free of charge to the caller. Paducah Power System’s mark will be red.

If your request is for less than two feet deep, Paducah Power System normally will not locate and mark the line since Paducah Power System underground lines are located approximately 4 feet below the surface.


What type of information is needed when calling Kentucky 811?
  • The name, address, and phone number of the company or person doing the digging.
  • The name and phone number of a person who can be reached if there are questions regarding the request.
  • Will blasting or explosives be used?
  • How deep are they digging?
  • The type of work being done. (E.g. installing pipe, installing cable, etc.).
  • The county/city of the dig site and if it is inside or outside of the city limits.
  • The location of the dig site (E.g. address, main road, intersection, etc.).
  • The nearest cross street to the main location.
  • The location on the property where the digging will take place. (E.g. locate entire property; locate along front of property, etc.)
  • A section is also included for placing remarks that might be needed to provide additional information and/or clarification.

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