Electric Vehicles

Paducah’s Electric Vehicle Vision

Paducah Power System has embarked on creating a comprehensive plan that paves the way for the future of electric vehicles (EVs) in our region. We’re working on a roadmap that prepares us for the upcoming presence of EVs and helps our customers explore the benefits of electric vehicles. This initiative harmonizes with the state’s Kentucky Electric Vehicle infrastructure Deployment Plan, ensuring a unified approach. By collaborating with customers, business owners, and local leaders on this plan, we’re not only improving our services, but also positioning ourselves to tap into state and federal resources that will benefit the whole community.

Our EV readiness plan should be completed in March and implemented shortly thereafter. 

Electric Vehicle Tool

More people are exploring the idea of purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle.  Any vehicle purchase is a big decision.  Paducah Power System, in partnership with American Municipal Power, is providing a tool that contains valuable information and can help you to decide if an EV is right for you.

The tool provides a customized plan detailing your savings, available incentives, carbon reductions and more, based on your driving habits, budget and electricity usage. Click on this link at the AMP website to start learning.

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