Landlord Agreements

The Landlord Agreement is available to property owners who want to provide continuous electric service to properties being rented for the convenience of the property owner. 

Under the agreement, the landlord authorizes to Paducah Power System (PPS) to automatically put service in the landlord’s name when a tenant requests for the service to be disconnected as of a specified date. The service will remain in the landlord’s name until a new tenant requests service or the landlord disconnects the service. It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that new tenants apply for service when units are rented.

Upon discontinuance of electric service for non-payment, the tenant’s service will remain off for a period of seven days before the service will be automatically switched back to the landlord’s name. This is intended to make sure the tenant is out before the landlord resumes service. If the landlord wishes to resume service before the seven days is completed, the landlord may call or come into our office and we will reconnect service on the next business day.

To apply for this option, please call 270-575-4000 or visit our office at 1500 Broadway to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

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