Peaking Plant

Paducah Power System began generating electricity at its peaking power plant on Schneidman Road in May of 2010.  The plant and the natural gas pipeline that feeds it took a year to construct and were part of Paducah Power’s transition from the Tennessee Valley Authority to new wholesale power suppliers. 

While most of Paducah Power's wholesale power comes from the Prairie State Energy Campus, the peaking plant provides the extra power needed during peak demand times, such as the hot summer months.  The gas pipeline originates at a Texas Gas connection near Calvert City, Kentucky. The peaking plant consists of two combustion turbines capable of generating 124 megawatts of power.  The substation at the plant site is engineered so that PPS can receive a feed from TVA should the feed from Prairie State or other suppliers ever fail.  This is a unique emergency backup feature that was never available before the construction of the peaking plant.