Ways To Save

For more information about the three savings programs below, contact Julie Colvis at 270-575-4032.

Heat Pump Program

Approximately half of your monthly utility bill goes to heat and cool your home. An older, inefficient HVAC system can add hundreds of dollars more to your annual home energy bills.

Paducah Power System offers cash incentives to qualifying customers installing air source heat pumps, natural gas dual fuel systems, and geothermal heat pumps in their existing homes.

Water Heater Program


The hot water heater is your home’s second largest energy user. Paducah Power System offers cash incentives for electric water heaters. You can receive $100 when replacing a gas water heater with an electric unit or $50 when replacing your existing electric unit.

To qualify:

  1. Water heaters must be 4500 watt, double element, quick recovery, with a minimum of five-year warranty
  2. The installation address must be on Paducah Power System’s service lines
  3. You must be the homeowner and occupy the installation address. If a tenant occupies the installation address, both the tenant and homeowner must sign for the water heater.

Water Heater Financing

Paducah Power Systems offers zero percent interest financing up to 6 months on electric water heaters.

How to participate in the program:

  1. Select the water heater of your choice from Hank Brothers True Value or Lowe’s Home Improvement.
  2. Hank Brothers or Lowe’s will provide and complete a portion of the PPS credit application.
  3. Bring the credit application to Paducah Power System which will approve or deny it based on qualifications.
  4. If approved, pick up your water heater and the payment will be added to your monthly bill.

Free Tools for Controlling Your Bill

We take an individualized approach to each customer who asks for energy efficiency assistance. We look at a customer’s past bills/usage and ask them specific questions that help us to determine the best tools to use in finding ways they might be able to save energy.
Home Check-up Program


Paducah Power System offers free home check-ups for its residential customers. A PPS employee, trained in energy efficiency, will visit your home and look for ways to make your home more energy efficient. We will examine your lighting, heating and air conditioning methods and appliances and use thermal imaging equipment to check for air leaks and weaknesses in your insulation. The Home Check-up is not a full blown energy audit, but it is a thorough review of the most common items in your home which can be improved upon to lower your power consumption.  

To schedule a Home Check-up, contact Julie Colvis at 270-575-4032.

Energy Audit


The Energy Audits are a supplement to our Home Check-Up Program for those customers who need assistance beyond the Check-Up.  The audits are performed by Steve Warren of Warren Heating and Air.  PPS will provide $250 for each residential audit.  That will cover the vast majority of customers needing an audit.  There are a few homes that, because of their large size, could have a total audit cost of up to $550.  For those homes, PPS will pay $250 toward the cost of the audit, and you will be required to pay the rest.  In those cases, the cost will be determined and agreed upon prior to the audit being performed.

Energy audits will be available to residential customers, churches and nonprofit helping agencies whose buildings fall into the scope of the training of our energy audit contractor.  Blower door tests are not offered under this program, and we do not provide energy audits for commercial and industrial customers.

Energy Monitors

Our library of energy monitors is a free tool that you can use to see how much it costs to run the appliances and electric devices around your home. The monitors are simple to operate and track the operating cost of an item. Each monitor is programmed with our rates. You simply plug it into any electric device around your home for a period of time and read the information gathered by the monitor.

Customers may check out one of the devices for ten days. You are responsible for the replacement cost of the monitor, $25, if it is lost, damaged or not returned. That charge will be placed on your power bill. You must be a customer of Paducah Power and be current on your electric bill to check out a monitor.

To schedule a Home Check-up, contact Julie Colvis at 270-575-4032.


Mobile App
Take us where you go. Use our mobile app to track your daily energy usage. The Paducah Power System apps are available for Apple™ and Android™ devices and can be found in the App Store and Android Market. Download one of these apps now and start managing your account from your phone or tablet. Besides tracking your usage, these apps allow you to create and edit payment profiles, check balances, make secure payments and manage alerts and notifications.
Customer Portal
The portal is another handy tool for tracking your daily usage. Find it by clicking here. You will need your account number or online ID and password to access the portal. Once there, you may pay a bill, view your billing, payment or usage history, sign up for bank draft, apply for or disconnect service, sign up for alerts and reminders or chat with a customer service representative online.
Budget Billing
Enrollment is open year round. Under this program, you pay an amount that is a rolling average of your power costs in the previous twelve months. While the amount of your bill each month will fluctuate up and down a little, you will avoid wide swings in your bills as your usage changes with the seasons. Enroll by calling 270-575-4000

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