Our PayGo program for residential customers is an alternative to traditional monthly billing that gives customers flexibility and control over their electric usage and their payment schedule.  It is an optional program with the same electric rates as the rates for traditional billing.  PayGo is not a discount program.  It was established to help people whose financial situation makes it easier for them to pay several small payments throughout the month instead of one larger payment.  While it is not appealing to everyone, it is especially helpful to some customers.  People who like using smart phone technology to make purchases and control their finances may like this program.

PayGo operates in the same way that you fill the gas tank on a car.  You pay an amount of your choice toward your PPS account, and when most of that energy is consumed, you’ll need to pay more or “fill up the tank” again.  As long as you never let your account or “energy tank” go completely empty, you can pay as little or as much as you like, whenever you like.  If your “energy tank” goes empty, your power shuts off until another payment is made.  You will receive “low balance” and “pending disconnection” notifications before the service is disconnected.

PayGo customers do not receive a monthly bill.  Instead, they receive regular text and email messages about their daily balance, low balance alerts, payment confirmations and pending disconnections.  You must have a smart phone to participate in PayGo.  PayGo customers may make payments 24 hours a day by phone, online and at soon to be established kiosks at three Paducah locations, one of which will be a 24 hour location.  Those kiosks may be also be used by any Paducah Power System customer making a traditional bill payment.

There is no deposit with PayGo, and existing customers who switch from traditional billing to PayGo may apply their old deposit to their PayGo account.  Customers must establish an initial $50 balance to start PayGo. New customers will also have to pay a $35 meter set fee.  To find out more about PayGo please contact our Customer Service Department at 270-575-4000.


Am I a good candidate for PayGo?

-I am paid more than once a month.

-It is easier for me to make smaller, more frequent bill payments than one larger payment each month.

-I have a smart phone (not a prepaid phone) that I monitor daily.

-I have difficulty paying deposits when moving to a new home.

-I am willing to accept the responsibility of monitoring my usage and account balance and making sure I have a working cell phone.