Energy Charge:                 .11153 per kwh

PCA Charge:                      .00997 per kwh

Total rate including PCA  .1215 per kwh

There is a power cost adjustment (PCA)charge on each bill.  The power cost adjustment is a variable energy rate that can fluctuate monthly based on the cost of creating electricity and delivering it to PPS.  The PCA is used to prevent constant fluctuations in our base rates.

A customer charge appears on the bill each month.  The customer charge covers the cost of the minimum amount of equipment, infrastructure and manpower needed to deliver electricity to your home, regardless of how much electricity you use.  The current residential customer charge is $14.75 per month.  

The preceding list may not include all charges.  Other charges may be applied in special situations.  Deposits and charges are subject to change.


Net Metering

Paducah Power System has a net metering application and policy for customers choosing to connect to the PPS distribution system while generating their own power through renewable sources such as sun and wind.  In short, customers generating less energy than they use must pay PPS for any energy purchased from PPS.  Customers generating more than they use will receive a credit on their future bill(s) for the excess energy put into the Paducah Power distribution system. Those interested in net metering should contact our Engineering Department at 270-575-4000.

Net Metering Application and Policy:  net-metering-policy-and-application