Paducah Power System received an American Public Power Association E.F. Scattergood System Achievement Award during APPA’s National Conference in Orlando, Florida, June 22. The award honors APPA member systems that have enhanced the prestige of public power utilities through sustained achievement and customer service.

Paducah Power System (PPS) has a long history of exceptional service and community support that is rooted in a practice of planning for the future, demanding employee excellence, and embracing community ownership. PPS’s reliability rate has remained at 99.99 percent for many years, attributed in part to its early adoption of technology such as supervisory control and data acquisition, automatic meter reading, and, recently, advanced metering infrastructure. PPS has been progressive in adopting new technology and is dedicated to maintenance and planning while accounting for system age and community growth.

Additionally, PPS has undertaken a project to convert all city street lighting to LEDs, which will increase reliability and safety, while also helping the city become more energy efficient. PPS is committed to maintaining partnerships with other utilities and has prioritized assisting others, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year. It maintains a commitment to community that stretches beyond its territorial borders.