PPS expects the renovations to our headquarters to end early this month. In February, crews gutted the center of our building to reconfigure the layout of our Customer Service Department and install several security measures. The project is the result of three years of review, consultation with local law enforcement and security tests.  The reasons for the changes are to create a safer environment for employees and customers, better protect customer information and offer more privacy for customer interactions involving personal information and finances.  The improvements will also improve work flow, increase energy efficiency, improve temperature control and allow 24-hour access to our payment kiosk at 1500 Broadway. The old layout of our customer service department had failed to keep pace with the changes in our operations and today’s security challenges.

The completion of the construction means our Customer Service staff will move from their temporary operations center at 1515 Broadway back to 1500 Broadway. The moving date has not been determined yet, but we expect it to happen in early to mid-June.  Details will be posted on social media and this web page, when they become available. Once we have reopened, visitors doing business in offices beyond our Customer Service Department will be required to use a visitor’s badge while in our building.