Water Heater Program

Did you know that your home’s second largest energy user is the hot water heater?  With an electric water heater, there is no pilot light to worry about, no fumes from gas and no ventilation problems.  And now it’s never been easier to enjoy the benefits of an electric hot water.  For a limited time, Paducah Power System is giving cash incentives on electric water heaters.  You can receive $100 when replacing a gas water heater with an electric unit or $50 when replacing your existing electric unit.

To qualify:

 (1) Water heaters must be 4500 watt, double element, quick recovery, with a minimum of five year warranty

 (2) The installation address must be on Paducah Powers System's service lines

 (3) You must be the homeowner and occupy the installation address. (If a tenant occupies the installation address, both the tenant and homeowner must sign for the water heater).

For more information, please contact Julie Colvis at 270-575-4032.