The Electric Plant Board of Paducah is soliciting proposals from qualified consultant teams for a planning project that will develop an Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Plan for the Paducah Power System (PPS) service territory.  The plan will be developed through coordinated engagement with EV partners and stakeholders.  PPS is seeking a consultant with: (1) recent applicable experience in developing zero emissions vehicle readiness plans and (2) knowledge of EVs and EV infrastructure.  Consultant is expected to have expertise in utility data and forecasting tools in EVs, including the ability to tailor these products to PPS and create mapped analysis of priorities for future EV infrastructure, particularly to increase equitable access to such infrastructure.  The goal of the project is to make the Paducah community Electric Vehicle ready by developing a plan that provides a vision for EV readiness, identifies key partnerships and actionable strategies needed to achieve the vision, and facilitates community support for electric vehicles. Copies of the Request for Proposal are available by clicking this link: Request for Proposals – Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan.  All sealed bids from be received by 4pm, Feb 22, 2023, at Paducah Power System, Chief Operating Officer, 1500 Broadway St., Paducah, KY, 42001.  The best evaluated bid will be accepted.  Paducah Power System reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

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